St Francis Xavier

St Francis Xavier
Small School, Big Team

About Our School

We are extremely proud of our school and all of our children's achievements.

St Francis Xavier School is a small school with a wonderful family community feel. Our children are supported and encouraged by a team of committed staff and parents. We understand that, as all children are different, we cannot expect them all to learn at the same rate.  Each child's talents are nurtured and developed throughout their school career, promoting their personal success and achievement. Every child is as important as the next. By working together we are all able to help each other to produce the best environment possible for each child's learning experiences to be as successful as possible.

All learning activities focus on the learner.  High standards, combined with a sense of creativity and enjoyment, sit within our child safe school environment and wellbeing framework. This is firmly underpinned by our steadfast belief that Christ is at the centre of everything we do.  Our main concern is to make the school, in every sense, a Christian community where all parents, pupils and staff are working together for the good of each other.

We hope you will want to be part of our happy partnership and look forward to meeting your child and you.

Steve Peart

Our Vision

We believe St Francis Xavier School is a place where we model the values of Christ according to the Gospels and promote a community built on faith, hope and love. Through our community in faith we support our students in the understanding of and celebration of our rich Catholic faith, heritage and traditions.

All staff are aware of and implement directives and initiatives in education relevant to the needs of the students within this changing global village. Our inclusive curriculum develops knowledge, skills, values and attitudes and promotes individuality, success and personal growth. We believe that all students have the opportunity and right to develop and share their gift and talents. We provide a stimulating learning environment where student progress is fostered through the implementation of a range of programs that cater for individual needs and differences.

Our Mission

“Know and Understand the Will of God Within Your Life”

We believe that we are called to provide a comprehensive Catholic Education for all students within our Community in Faith and are entrusted to nurture the sacramental life of each member of our community. 

We believe that, by our Baptism, we are committed to working for the “common good” of all, especially those within our school community.

We believe that we are all called to be a “gift” to this world and that we are charged with the responsibility of bringing about the Reign of God by our words and actions in this global village. 

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We reflect upon the ideals of St Francis Xavier by working towards an understanding of the will of God within our lives.

St Francis Xavier, pray for us.

Buddy Program

All Foundation children buddy up with a year 6 student. During the year they become special friends, spending time sharing and learning from one another. They participate in fun activities such as card making, science experiments and reading and writing together.

“We create memories for life.” Tara Grade 6

“We have fun and we really like each other. I love her and she loves me.” Ruby Foundation

“We love helping our buddies and doing fun stuff.” Xavier and Jordan Grade 6

“She makes me feel happy, she helps me make things and I help her too.” Tomo Foundation